Don't have your files in ePub format? No problem, we can help with that.

ePub and Kindle Conversion Services

AuthorMob's staff specializes in converting books into professional quality ePub and Kindle mobi eBook formats.

Having your eBook in the ePub format enables you to sell your eBook not only with AuthorMob Apps, but also on Barnes & Noble's Nook, and Apple's iBook store, Sony Reader, among others. Kindle (mobipocket and .AZW files) eBooks are similar to ePub, but processed slightly differently. We provide you with both ePub and Kindle formats.

epub and kindle conversion

Why have your ePubs and Kindle files professionaly created?

While there are many free and paid software programs that convert PDF files into ePub files, none of them are perfect. Except in the simplest of cases, a software only solution is inadequate if a professional quality final product is needed. A professional eBook designer must always revise and edit the files, don't let errors in your eBooks damage your reputation.

Please fill out this form, or call Deborah Torres at 1-914-840-5441 to get a quote for converting your books:

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What You Get
AuthorMob's final ebook product exceeds the highest standards of quality in the industry.

We ensure that your eBooks are easy to read and fully functional. AuthorMob converts your book into foundational HTML designed specifically for the chosen eBook format, formats paragraph indents and alignments to match the print book, creates an active table of contents in the text of the eBook, creates a structural table of contents used in numerous reading systems for navigation, properly sizes and embeds the cover image, as well as optimizes the images and other internal graphical elements.

AuthorMob also inserts tables and charts as images, embeds fonts when necessary (often book with foreign languages include characters not supported in the default fonts in Adobe Digital Editions, the Sony Reader, Barnes & Noble's Nook and other devices with Adobe software. So, we embed on of the public domain fonts into the ePub file so content displays correctly in those e-readers).

AuthorMob offers a lifetime warranty on its eBook conversion services. In the unlikely event an error is found in your ebook, we will fix it immediately at no cost to you.

We can convert several different file types into ePub and Kindle files:

Starting file type: We convert it to:

Microsoft word
Apple Pages
OpenOffice Writer
Printed Book (scanning fees apply)

Kindle format (mobi and .AZW files)

The complexity of an eBook (the number of photos, tables and highly-formatted layout) can have a substantial impact on the time required to convert it into ebook formats

AuthorMob's seasoned professionals take all of these issues into account.

The standard cost for conversion is US$ .75 cents per page for fiction books or other books with simple formatting.

AuthorMob reserves the right to charge a different rate than stated above in the case your book has additional complexities that causes the eBook conversion process to be more difficult than normal.

Bulk PricingĀ 
We offer discounts to publishers and authors with five or more books to convert when scheduled at the same time.

Please contact us or call Deborah Torres at 1-914-840-5441 if you have any questions or would like to get started converting your ebooks.

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